Our History

Mehrnoush Taherkhani, FOUNDER | CEO


Mehrnoush Taherkhani is the founder & CEO of KidSketchUp. She graduated from IA University with a master’s degree in Architecture in 2003. She is a highly creative architect with 15+ years of professional experience in architecture and management. Her enthusiasm and passion for technology and proficiency in CAD design motivated her to think about teaching and developing a technological education for kids. She believes her idea to create technology programs for kids, based on her experience and skills, will help students to speed up the learning process and can impact their future. The most important thing for her as a founder of technological education startup is engaging students with the right interactive technology programs. Her goal is to provide every child with access to Smart Learning which is creating diverse educational opportunities that address a variety of learning needs and desires. 

Naghmeh Vahabzadeh, founder | Md


Naghmeh Vahabzadeh is about idea and implementation. She is a Ph.D. graduated in Architecture and Urban Design. With over 15 years of experience in design, construction, and management, Naghmeh has pursued a career in architecture combined with researching in smart learning to enhancing the young minds creativity. As a university lecturer and researcher she is providing a space for youngster to learn about dimensional thinking and planting the seed of complex visualization.This process increase the overall intelligence which maximizes their cognitive potenttials. As a Founder and Managing Director of KidsSketchup she believes creativity in young minds is the currency of the future and sees kidSketchup as a unique opportunity to inspire minds about the built environment. Her ultimate goal is to provide young minds with learning tools and technology to encourage visual literacy with explaining science, and visual arts concepts to them through the medium of architecture. 

About Us



KidSketchUp is proud to be the first learning centre in Canada to teach SketchUp to kids from grade 1-12. SketchUp is a playful, fun, and engaging 3D modeling program that blends left-brain analytics with right-brain creativity. Design professionals such as architects and engineers have been using it for years in the workplace. And recently, teachers and parents have discovered how much students love it, and how much they learn when they use it. SketchUp is simply the best application out there for teaching 3D design. 



We offer this program in 3 levels per school year. It includes different projects and skills for grade 1-4, grade 5-8, and grade 9-12. Each level has eight sessions and upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate. keep in mind that decisions students make now will most likely influence the opportunities they have in the future. It is important that they take challenging and fun SketchUp courses so that they will have the widest possible array of career and college choices when they graduate from high school.  



SketchUp is the easiest way to draw in 3D. If you can dream it, you can draw it in SketchUp. It’s simple enough that anyone from kindergarteners to great grandparents can be drawing in 3D just minutes after installing the program. While your kids are flexing their creative muscles building fun and interesting 3D models on the computer, they're also learning the geometry, spatial relations, and design principles used by architects, engineers, and artists. In our increasingly technological world, acquiring these skills early gives kids enormous advantages in higher education and career choices. 



3D learning is an exciting, developing area of the eLearning industry. With the technology reaching maturity, it’s easy to see that it won’t be long before 3D learning approaches, including augmented reality, earn a place in the standard suite of online training products. 3D learning can be used to make learning fun. Because 3D learning is closely related to gaming, it is easy to integrate the mechanics of gamification into the solution so learning can be facilitated in a competitive virtual environment or driven by achievement through reward earning.